Cicle-race r-c cars
Cicle-race r-c cars

Cicle-race r-c cars


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Cicle races

You can do anything without an bike.
You can jump with an BMX, in the forrest you need an MTB,
in the citty women often ride an Citty-Bike, but what I ever ride my racing bike.
I advise yourselves:"You geplend go to a bike club!" There you advertive better. You can ride races and you are a quickly cycler you get some money.
When you are older you can change to men C-classe.
In men C-classe you wan ten rces you change to men B-classe.
In men B-classe you wan ten races, too. You change to
men A-classe.
And after men A-classe you can go to the profession cycler and rode the tour de France. In this classe you must ride 100 Km
more on one day then men A-classe.
Now the Team Gerolsteiner is looking for the tour de France winner 2015!
28.6.05 11:12


RC- cars means that you have small cars, which are controlled by a remote control. With that you can change the speed and the driving direction from the car. It?s a black box with control sticks and the power comes from a battery inside. In the car there are some electric parts. They are called servomotors and they can put your commandos from the remote control to the car.
The RC-cars have special motors. You can take a electric motor or a motor which needs real petrol for driving like a real big car. You must buy the petrol in special shops, because it is different from the normal gasoline at the filling stations.
There are many kinds of RC-cars for driving races on the street or offroad. They look like real racing cars, trucks with many details as stickers and racing wheels, but they are smaller The most builded scale is 1:10 or 1:5.
You must put together many parts in the right order carefully, so that nothing goes wrong when you are driving.
You will meet many friends in special model-building-clubs. It?s very crazy and cool to drive races with others. Also you can talk a lot with them about building , collecting and how to changing parts for pimping up the model-cars.
It?s an hobby that is expensive, because you need always new parts or batteries for the driving, but it?s a very funny sport.

31.5.05 11:01

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